System Installation

Total Protection, Inc. system installation will be under direct supervision of a project manager assigned on-site for that project. The project manager will be empowered to make any necessary decisions in support of the project completion. Weekly projected reviews will be conducted with the customer representative, and progress will be …


Total Protection, Inc. Component’s  are integrated and assembled prior to site delivery, including a pre-delivery testing typical of wireless links, IP cameras, integrated components and items similar to those. All installation issues will be resolved during the pre-construction meeting.

On Site Training

Total Protection, Inc. Will conduct on site training for system operations, administrators and badging. Upon completion of training, certification testing will be conducted if customer requests.

System Design

Total Protection, Inc. design phase begins with a conceptual design that documents the overall framework and operational concepts for the integrated security system. The conceptual design is submitted to the client for review and evaluation/modification based on site and operational conditions. Once finalized, an itemized bill of materials and labor …

Project Management

Total Protection, Inc. provides documentation including pre-installation and post-installation document packages that are described in the project Statement of Work. Typically, these include a system design concept, itemized bill of materials, installation plans, wiring diagrams, product specifications, operations manuals and maintenance manuals upon project completion. These packages can be customized …